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Skin Resurfacing in Tampa

Microneedling and PRP Treatment

The hottest new trend in the world of cosmetic procedures is skin resurfacing. There are several techniques being used today to rejuvenate the skin by bringing back its natural, youthful properties. Men and women of all ages can benefit from skin resurfacing as they will enjoy smoother, softer and more even skin, especially on the face and neck.

Venus Viva

Venus Viva is a radio frequency-based treatment that targets discoloration and scars on the skin’s surface and removes them using gentle heat in the collagen layer. Unlike other treatment methods, Venus Viva is non-invasive and has minimal side effects.

The radio frequency head that is responsible for removing blemishes is larger than other treatment methods so your doctor can get the job done fast and simple. This is not a skin laser resurfacing technique.

Venus Viva is laser-free, relying on small amounts of heat to restore your skin to better health.

PRP Therapy

Platelet rich plasma or PRP Therapy for skin rejuvenation is another popular method that has been used for several years with great results. By concentrating the plasma from your blood, your licensed professional will make several small injections around the face.

The PRP contains all of the natural chemicals produced by your body to stimulate skin repair and replacement. PRP therapy is also commonly used with micro-needling for an even greater effect.


Microneedling is a process by which your skin is pricked using a pen with a dozen tiny needles. These smaller needles activate chemicals beneath the skin’s surface and begin stimulating regrowth of collagen and other healthy cells. For most people, the tiny needles cause minimum pain and produce a great result.

Once the tiny channels are opened into the skin, PRP may be applied and will be absorbed more directly into the skin. That is why microneedling with PRP has become such a popular skin resurfacing treatment. A microneedling facial is perfect for treating scars, fine lines, and stretch marks.

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